‘Girl dies from virus’ news story actually a cover-up of the truth: Vaccines killed her

Several weeks ago, a story went viral about a girl “who died from a virus.” But the real story is something far more sinister. “Nine-year-old girl in Dubai dies of viral infection,” reads the headline from GulfNews.com. That story repeats a quack science fabrication that’s often voiced by vaccine propagandists: “Every year, the vaccine contains the new strain of the virus which can keep you protected up to 70 per cent from the infection, for the entire year,” the story claims.

It’s a lie, of course. Flu shots almost never contain the same strain of influenza that’s circulating in the current flu season, and statistics of flu shot efficacy show they might, at best, work for 1 out of 100 people who take them. On top of that, flu shots are intentionally formulated with neurotoxins that cause inflammation. This is intended to generate an immune system response, but in some cases it actually causes neurological inflammation that leads directly to seizures, comas and permanent neurological damage.

Dr. Jack Wolfson, also known as “The Paleo Cardiologist,” recently sent me this analysis of what’s actually happening with these news reports that claim young girls are being “killed by a virus.” As Dr. Wolfson explains, it’s not the virus that’s killing the girls… it’s the vaccines.

Here’s what Dr. Wolfson wrote:

I am sure you have seen this latest story all over mainstream news. The headlines blame the death of a young girl on a virus.

As I read the story, I was full of pain and loss. As a father of three, the loss of a child seems unbearable.

But the take home point is that another young girl dies from something easily preventable.

What did she die from? Her parents think it was a virus. The doctors say it was a virus. The school and hospital will be sued for her death.

But she did not die from a virus.

She died from a dysfunctional immune system that was damaged FROM vaccines. That are what vaccines do.

She died from a damaged immune system that:

1.    Led to an inflammatory bowel disease called Crohn’s
2.    Led her doctors to prescribe immuno-suppressive drugs for the inflammatory bowel disease

In fact, here is a 2015 study that links several vaccines to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and points strongly to a link between the polio vaccine and Crohn’s.


Here is a link to another study that points to a 50% increased risk of Crohn’s disease from the measles vaccine, although not statistically significant per the statisticians.

Here is another study linking vaccines to inflammatory bowel disease.

Our thoughts go out to the family. I will assume that they did not know that a holistic MD/DO, functional chiropractor, naturopath or holistic nutritionist could have found the CAUSE of the Crohn’s.

In fact, the vast majority of cases of inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis have recognizable causes that are food and environmental related. Inflammatory bowel disease is more common in people under stress.

She died because she was plugged into the medical matrix and not under the care of a holistic provider (my assumption).

Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis have a cause and therefore a cure. Toxic chemotherapy and immune-suppressing drugs are not the answer, despite billions spent on marketing by Big Pharma.

A vaccine would certainly not have been the answer for her. Here immune system was destroyed by pharmaceuticals.

Sadly, here is a link to a case of cranial nerve damage from the flu shot in someone with IBD.

Vaccinate all of society?

We will NEVER outsmart nature. There will always be viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

The answer is to build up the immune system, not tear it down.

Medical doctors can’t help you build your immune system.

We can.

Learn more about Dr. Jack Wolfson at TheDrsWolfson.com

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